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Serving ALL of ORANGE COUNTY, CA With over 20 years of combined experience, we are the right guys for your job. 

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With over 20 years of combined experience, we are the right guys for your job. 

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Freequently Asked Questions

What are your hours of operation

We generally work Monday – Friday 9AM – 7PM.
However we do extend those hours for projects in order to keep ALL of our customers projects on schedule. Additional hours and days are ALWAYS scheduled with the customers consent.


do you unclog drains

No we unfortunately do not provide that service for any drains; toilets, sinks, tubs. This is a job for a trained plumber.

Can you re-run my homes plumbing or electrical

No, these jobs are for their respected profession; plumber or electrician.

Can you do an estimate over the phone

Yes, as long as we can get enough information from the customer, including well taken photos / video of ALL the work needed.

Can you do junk or debris removal?

It is usually not cost beneficial to hire handymen to do junk removal as we would have to rent the equipment required to hall the items away. Your best option is to schedule a dumpster and hire us to move all stuff into it. If you need assistance with the rental process, we are happy help make that happen.

Can you repair my deck?

Depending on the damage that needs to be repaired, we are able to do most work. If the structure is to badly damaged, you will need to hire a contractor who can get the structure approved.

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